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How to install the Toolbar
Important: The Mozilla Firefox Browser must be installed before installing the toolbar!
After installing the Mozilla Firefox browser follow these steps:
1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser
2. Then Click Here to install.
3. Firefox will then ask you if you want to install this software on your computer click "Allow"
4. Click "Install Now" in the window pop up
5. Next the Add-ons window will appear. Click "Restart Firefox"
6. You have successfully installed the toolbar and you should see it in your browser

The National Association of Realtors recently reported that 84% of homebuyers in 2007 found their homes on the internet. Searching for properties through the internet can be difficult, however. As a potential buyer or investor, your clients have likely noticed that websites require you to have a username and password to keep track of your favorite properties.

That's where Real Pro Real Estate Toolbar comes in. Now your clients won't have to register with any website, simply use the toolbar to search, record and analyze all their favorite properties - regardless of where they find them - all in one easy location! AND do all this without leaving your web browser!

Simply put the Real Pro Real Estate Toolbar will maximize and simplify property searching experience for your clients

The Real Estate Toolbar your clients will be able to:
*MLS search
* search
* search
* search
*Quick search capabilities
*Advance search capabilities
*Save property searches
*Access to networking tools
*Calculate property value quicker (14 calculators!)
*Analyze properties better
*Access to different government resources
*Stay connected to real estate groups
*And so much more!

System Requirements:
Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or greater Download Firefox FREE here
Windows 98 or greater

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